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How to Be a Good Writer

Learning how to write a good essay can help every part of your life. Fully and concisely interacting with the written word will lead to higher pay and more prestigious positions. Although most people consider writing an essay in the same category as having a root pipe, learning how to write faster a good essay is not as difficult as most people think. Typically, when you start your words with ease.

A writer should think about the subject of the essay and ask if they know at least three facts about the subject? If the answer is no, the author must use a book or the internet to find three facts related to the main idea of the essay. If the three facts are determined, the author will organize them from the most relevant to the least. This is called pre-planning essay-writing.

All essays should begin with an intro paragraph. This article will serve two purposes, catching the reader’s attention and describing what the essay is all about. The first three to four sentences are to paint a picture of the subject. A good way to do this is to look at a subject image, then write an image sentence.

The intro paragraph concludes with a thesis statement; this is a re-statement of the subject with three or four supporting details to which the paper refers. Finding one of two examples of successful theses can help a writer to understand.

The following three paragraphs should be in the same basic format as your content paragraphs. Everything should begin with a sentence describing the subject-matter of that particular article, followed by three sentences containing supporting information for the subject-matter.

The text of the essay requires a conclusion, paragraph after covering the facts relating to the subject. Each paragraph will summarize the essay and let the reader know that the paper isn’t just over, but let the reader know what they’ve just discovered. This can be done by reversing the intro sentence. Then use three or four sentences to create a picture of a word similar to the one in the intro. There are several ways to compose the conclusion paragraph, but using this approach helps the reader feel that the essay has come full circle and that the essay is finished.

Determining whether anything is hard in our lives is generally an opinion, but how to be a good writer should never be on that list. Sitting down and putting our words into written thinking has once been seen as the cornerstone of education, learning how to be a good writer is starting to fall into the category of a lost art. Frustrated writers everywhere, however, can rejoice that learning to be a good writer is as easy as following a simple formula. When someone knows how to be a good writer, there are many advantages to getting up, having a promotion, having a foot in the door to start.

A good writer is someone who creates a wonderful and impressive piece of material. Just practice more and more, because it’s the best way to develop your writing skills, you ‘re going to become a successful writer. Practice writing short stories and essays on a daily basis, etc. Read your habit because it will help you broaden your vocabulary, increase your knowledge of issues, and develop your writing skills. Write stories, novels, and other fascinating books. Learn the rules of grammar because it will help you explain your ideas to your readers.

Top 5 Young Children’s Books

In this day and age, we have a boom of young adult literature which can be read around all the generations. Some examples for this can be Harry potter or The Hunger Games. These books inspire many young minds to do more. If you are looking for books to help young child grow. We have a list of top five young children’s books which can young mind grow.

Where the wild things are

This is a story and picture book by Maurice Sendak. This is a book of adventure which is targeted towards children. It allows the children’s imagination to grow wild. This book also keeps family aspect of a child to its best. It talks about how his mother loved and saved him a dinner which is what family stands for.

The Snowy Day

This is a book written by Ezra Jack Keats which talks about the journey of peter through New York. This is a very successful children’s story which focuses on a black protagonist. This book broke many barriers and has a memorable character which works just due to the image set which can allow the child add more to it.

Goodnight Moon


This is avery beautiful book by Margaret Wise Brown which was illustrated by Clement Hunt. This is one story that can put the child to sleep right away. It has repeated cadences which can sound like a song. It has many quirky jokes hidden which can be very amusing even if you read it repeatedly.

Blueberries for Sal

A block printed illustration filled book by Robert McCloskey. It is a book which can allow the child to see the differences between many different species. This is a story about how a baby bear is out for blueberries with a child named Sal. This is a very instructive book which can show the difference between species which can be wild at times and the way parents feel when the children grow up.

Little Bear

Else Holmelund Minarek and illustrative book which was done by Maurice Sendak. This book is a group of stories which is conveyed to a young cub who was missing his father. This book catches certain endless images for the life which can seem difficult at the beginning and how people learn to survive.

Owl Moon



This is a Jane Yolen Book which revolves around bird watchers who owe their passion to their father daughter trip they had when she was young. This is about an illusive great horned wool which takes a stroll at night. This is a book which covers a lot of illustrations which can easily capture the child’s attention.

The Best Magical Stories for Kids

If you want to make sure that your child learns about magic and want to believe a beautiful tale which can help his imagination grow. One way to make that happen is to ensure that you bring him the best magical story books. If you are confused about the books, we can help you out.


Alice adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

This a must read book for children. This is a story about Alice who follows a white rabbit down a burrow and discovers a magical land. This is a wonderland where animals can talk like humans and also behave like one.


The wonderful Wizard of Oz, L.Frank Baum

This is a beautiful book which discovers the adventure of Oz. The story starts as the Dorothy’s farm house is picked up by a tornado and lands on a wicked witches land. As the story progressed the Wizards learns about the Munchkins and the Emerald city and is included in the quest to defeat the wicked witch of the West.



Little Nemo in Slumberland, Winsor McKay

A book which revolves around little Nemo who encounters many imps, giants, monkeys and other things from his flying bed. Slumberland is a place where little Nemo has to out wit the king Morpheus and return home. This is a book which was also adopted into  a movie in the year 1911.


Peter Pan and Wendy, JM Barrie

A story of boy named Peter Pan who is considered to be the leader of the lost boys in Wonderland. This is a story where Peter Pan looses his shadow in London and was sewn into Wendy Darling. Peter Pan decides that Wendy would make the perfect mother but has to fight captain hook to help reach Wendy and eventually reach adulthood.


Winnie the Pooh, A.A Milne

A beautiful take which is even remembered today where Christopher Robin is the only human visitor to enter the Hundred Acre Woods. This is the land where he makes a lot of animal friends and continues a journey of adventure while he walks the woods.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, C.S Lewis

This is a story of four children Peter, Edward, Susan and Lucy who discover a magical land of Narnia as they entered the closet. This book starts of from the closet of mysterious professor. It is discovered that Narnia is a place which is ruled by White Witch and is a place which is plunged in perpetual winter. This is the land which believes in prophecies and the children had it to them to fulfil it. Their attempts were aided by Lion called Aslan who could talk and help them restore the land.

Waiting On Wednesday

Waiting On Wednesday is hosted by Jill over at Breaking The Spine and is a great way to share the books you’re looking forward to! It’s also a great way to see what’s coming out by your fellow bloggers!

This is the first book, THE TAKING by Kimberly Derting and I loved it! Since there isn’t a cover for the second in The Taking series yet, I thought I’d share the first one with you!

When sixteen-year-old Kyra Agnew wakes up behind a Dumpster at the Gas ’n’ Sip, she has no memory of how she got there. With a terrible headache and a major case of déjà vu, she heads home only to discover that five years have passed . . . yet she hasn’t aged a day.

Everything else about Kyra’s old life is different. Her parents are divorced, her boyfriend, Austin, is in college and dating her best friend, and her dad has changed from an uptight neat-freak to a drunken conspiracy theorist who blames her five-year disappearance on little green men.

Confused and lost, Kyra isn’t sure how to move forward unless she uncovers the truth. With Austin gone, she turns to Tyler, Austin’s annoying kid brother, who is now seventeen and who she has a sudden undeniable attraction to. As Tyler and Kyra retrace her steps from the fateful night of her disappearance, they discover strange phenomena that no one can explain, and they begin to wonder if Kyra’s father is not as crazy as he seems. There are others like her who have been taken . . . and returned. Kyra races to find an explanation and reclaim the life she once had, but what if the life she wants back is not her own? (From Goodreads)


Romantic and action-packed, The Replaced is the gripping second installment in the Taking trilogy.

Kyra hasn’t been the same since she returned from her mysterious six-year disappearance. Now, on the run from the NSA, Kyra is forced to hide out with others who, like her, have been Returned. Yet she is determined to find Tyler, the boy she loves who was also abducted—all because of her. When her group intercepts a message that Tyler might still be alive but is in the hands of a shadowy government organization that experiments on the Returned, Kyra knows it’s a risk to go after him. What if it’s a trap? And worse, what if the returned Tyler isn’t the same boy she lost?

Perfect for fans of The Fifth Wave and the Body Finder series, The Replaced is both chilling and explosive, with creepy, otherworldly elements and twisty, psychological thrills that will have you questioning what exactly it means to be human. (From Goodreads)
Due to be published in April of 2015!
What are you waiting for?

Fairy Metal Thunder by J.L. Bryan

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Fairy Metal Thunder by JL Bryan and let me tell you, it is fantastic! I may have been a little over-zealous in my review but it’s just THAT GOOD-Making it a One-Sit-Read! So here’s my review:


Fairy Metal Thunder by J.L. Bryan is a One-Sit-Read! Even if I wasn’t a lover of all things Fae, Mr. Bryan would have still captivated me with his dazzling tale of what can happen if you sneak into the world of the Fae and leave with enchanted objects.
The main character, Jason, plays in a garage band named the Assorted Zebras with his pals Mitch, Dred and the girl he secretly yearns for, Erin. They’re good but not good enough to get any gigs. One night Jason is awakened by his younger sister, Katie claiming there’s a monster in the house and when Jason goes to investigate what he finds is unbelievable. He follows a strange little creature to the neighborhood creepy lady’s back yard and follows this creature down a hole only to find he’s in a very strange place, indeed!

The little creature known as Grizlemor-a Goblin, catches on that Jason is following him and becomes extremely upset-If the Queen of Fairy-land finds out he led a human into their world, his goblins cooked! Grizlemor does whatever he can to get Jason out of there. Grizlemor is an expert thief but he’s butt ugly and stinks like Faery Farts from Hell, but he’s very good at what he does. In order to get Jason out of fairy-land, he promises to give back the necklace he took from Erin and goes off to his stash pit, leaving Jason listening to the most enchanting music from four Fairy-land ‘residents’ in a band. When they take their break and leave their instruments unwatched, Jason quickly becomes as good a thief as Grizlemor and absconds with the fairy instruments, leaving before Grizlemor returns with Erin’s necklace.

Jason hides the instruments in his garage and when he goes to get them out, they are super tiny but when he takes out the one that looks like a guitar and runs his fingers over the strings it quickly adapts and grows to form perfectly for Jason. The music Jason makes with this new guitar has the power to evoke powerful emotions. When he shows the instruments to the band members they scoff at him until they try out their own little instrument, each band member ends up with an instrument that is perfectly suited to them. When they make music together it is instantaneous emotional combustion! Before they know it they’re on youtube and are instant celebrities overnight. What happens from there is bizarre, at times frightening and Faery wicked cool.

There’s just one little problem: Queen Mab is furious that magical items have been taken out of Faerie, an elf and his unicorn are sent out into the mans-world to find and retrieve the missing magical articles. Hoke, the elf and Buttercake, his unicorn or cornhorse as he calls them are unrelenting in their search. Things could end up pretty badly for the original four instrument owners and there’s a sympathy factor there, for sure.

I’m not going to go to much further into what else happens in the novel; I’m trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible and even though I’ve shared a lot, there is so much more to this story. Mr. Bryan writes with a keen sense of descriptives, personalization and emotions making his characters and the world(s) they live in so easy to become invested in. The story flows beautifully from chapter to chapter and is incredibly thrilling and exciting but there’s always an undertone of this is to good to last. The cliffie at the end was unbelievable! I’m anxiously awaiting the next book in this series!

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

Once I finished this book, I wanted to give it 5 + hearts! This debut is destined to become a favorite series of readers everywhere
I have yet to see an author write with such wit and humor and make it work so beautifully in a book that can still carry off the thrils, chills and the paranormal romance feel.

Charley Davidson is what you’d call a permanent Grim Reaper sort of a ‘Go to the Light’ kind of gal/part-time private detective and a part time Albuquerque Police Department consultant. It doesn’t hurt that her Uncle Bob or Ubie as she affectionately calls him is a big time respected detective who took over after her dad stepped down. Both highly respected because of Charley’s skills of communing with the departed, all of whom make it much easier to solve a case. Of course nobody knows that but them but hey, a girls got to make a living!

With the help of her self-depreciating best friend and secretary, Cookie and some departed friends she helps solve a criminal case that I won’t say a word about because I truly don’t want to spoil this for anybody.


What I will say is that Charley is working one heck of a case with 3 departed lawyers that will cause all kinds of havoc in all areas of her life. Luckily, she has a lot of back-up with her Grim skills but that still doesn’t keep her out of trouble or danger.

Also,Charley comes into contact with one ay carumba hotty named Reyes that she met years ago when she was a teen and hasn’t seen or heard of since, one that she felt an instant connection with and things start to get bizarre with Reyes now than you could ever possibly imagine. She gets her fair share of bumps and bruises but throughout her life, there has always been a guardian angel around who somehow manages to save her from harm.

In summary, Charley’s the girl I’d love to be or at the very least, have as my BFF! First Grave on the Right had me captivated until I read the very last word and even then I found myself thinking about her almost as a real person. Charley is very empowering!

Ms. Jones writing is so skillfully wicked, her characters so deliciously authentic and her world building is definitive and genuine. There is humor but there is also a delectable dark spine-tingling tension that runs through the book. All in all: It has it all!

I am eagerly anticipating the next in the series with bated breath.

Reviews Coming!

Kailin Gow’s The Wicked Woods Series full review of Book #1 and Book #2!

I was blessed with SIGNED ARC’s of each book and will be posting my review of each book on my opening day.

I am also looking forward to posting my review of Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead in the following week. So very sad to see this series end but OH, what an ending!

My review of The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa, another ARC gifted to me, will be posted upon the opening of The Book Faery, too, along with ARC of Darynda Jones’s outstanding UF First Grave on the Right which left me panting for more!

I have Amanda Hocking’s The Trylle Trilogy– Book #1-Switched & Book #2-Torn along with Stacey Wallace Benefiel’s Zellie Wells series reviewed and ready to post! Such fabulous authors and in case you didn’t know, these ladies are Independent Authors. I have a special place in my heart for Independent Authors and will be hosting a special give-away contest soon to celebrate these wonderful inspiring artists!

Plus many more!

So many great books I’ve been so fortunate to read and review! All will be shared soon!

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