If you want to make sure that your child learns about magic and want to believe a beautiful tale which can help his imagination grow. One way to make that happen is to ensure that you bring him the best magical story books. If you are confused about the books, we can help you out.


Alice adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

This a must read book for children. This is a story about Alice who follows a white rabbit down a burrow and discovers a magical land. This is a wonderland where animals can talk like humans and also behave like one.


The wonderful Wizard of Oz, L.Frank Baum

This is a beautiful book which discovers the adventure of Oz. The story starts as the Dorothy’s farm house is picked up by a tornado and lands on a wicked witches land. As the story progressed the Wizards learns about the Munchkins and the Emerald city and is included in the quest to defeat the wicked witch of the West.



Little Nemo in Slumberland, Winsor McKay

A book which revolves around little Nemo who encounters many imps, giants, monkeys and other things from his flying bed. Slumberland is a place where little Nemo has to out wit the king Morpheus and return home. This is a book which was also adopted into  a movie in the year 1911.


Peter Pan and Wendy, JM Barrie

A story of boy named Peter Pan who is considered to be the leader of the lost boys in Wonderland. This is a story where Peter Pan looses his shadow in London and was sewn into Wendy Darling. Peter Pan decides that Wendy would make the perfect mother but has to fight captain hook to help reach Wendy and eventually reach adulthood.


Winnie the Pooh, A.A Milne

A beautiful take which is even remembered today where Christopher Robin is the only human visitor to enter the Hundred Acre Woods. This is the land where he makes a lot of animal friends and continues a journey of adventure while he walks the woods.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, C.S Lewis

This is a story of four children Peter, Edward, Susan and Lucy who discover a magical land of Narnia as they entered the closet. This book starts of from the closet of mysterious professor. It is discovered that Narnia is a place which is ruled by White Witch and is a place which is plunged in perpetual winter. This is the land which believes in prophecies and the children had it to them to fulfil it. Their attempts were aided by Lion called Aslan who could talk and help them restore the land.