Authors and publishers can contact me via e-mail to review a book at

 Authors, publishers or publicists may contact me directly about reviewing their book(s).
 My genre of choice covers ALL Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Historical Romance with a special emphasis on Young Adult.
 I will most happily accept ARC, Print Copy and Kindle e-books. I will provide you my shipping address for Print copy in a request e-mail. If there is a particular dead-line for your book review, please note it in your e-mail. Otherwise, book reviews are a first come, first served basis.
 All books will be read and reviewed in a timely fashion. My reviews are honest and fair and will be featured on my blog along with GoodReads, Amazon, and Twitter with more outlets coming! :o]
 My reviews are based on the books overview, characters, premise and storyline with a brief summary-with minimal to no spoilers. I will include an image of the book cover and a link to the author’s website. I can guarantee that the reviews will always be honest and fair. If for any reason I am not able to review your book I will feature it on my blog.
 I may decline your request to review a book; if so, I will include my reason for doing so.
 This review policy may change as time goes by. If/when it does I will post it on my blog and notify any authors, publishers or publicists that I’ve had direct contact with by e-mail.